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Delicious Vietnam #13 – May 2011 Recap

I’m so honored to host the fabulous blogging evnet – Delicious Vietname this month. Anh from A food lovers’ journey and Hong and Kim from Ravenous Couple are the creators of the event and they have certainly done a fantastic job in the last year!!! What a great way to get to know other food bloggers and home cooks! Thanks for everyone participating and your high standard of recipes and reviews!

Here is the round up for #13.

Lotus Stem Salad with Shrimp - Goi Ngo Sen

From Sacramento, California USA, Doug at Javaholic, gives us a beautiful and refreshing Lotus Stem Salad with Shrimp – Goi Ngo Sen. Through this recipe, I recalled my memory of eating stir-fried lotus root in China. It’s really been a while! For me, lotus is a texture food, rather than flavour food. It’s like tofu, what it tastes like really depends on how you cook it and what you cook it with. I also like the idea of using prawn crackers to go with fresh shrimp. Crunchy combined with tender meat, a little bit of contrast in this dish too. Of course I’m always a fan of Doug’s food photography! Just beautiful!

Spicy Tomato Egg Drop Soup

From Baltimore, MD USA, Lan at Angry Asian Creations, presented us a Spicy Tomato Egg Drop Soup. I think this dish would be perfect for a lunch on the weekend. I can imagine the egg yolk mix with the soup, melting in my month…. mmm yum!

Banh Cam – Banh Ran

From Los Angeles, USA, Kim and Hong the Ravenous Couple, shared their family recipe of Banh Cam- one of the most famous and beloved Vietnamese desserts. It doesn’t look too easy to make that MANY banh balls, but Read more »

Roasted Chicken and Vermicelli Salad (Bun Ga Nuong)

Lately, blogging is taking up a lot of my spare time. I really enjoying the cooking and eating part, but not the writing part quite so much. Looking back at the old posts when I just ‘went public’ with the blog in July 2010, I have really come long way with the cooking and photography. I love trying new recipe ideas and combining Asian cooking and Western cooking and ‘fusion’ things up. But of course, it doesn’t always work! It also requires a good knowledge of different cuisines and cooking techniques, which I still have long way to go before I can truly master lots of techniques~!

A good friend of mine, Ha, is as enthusiastic about food as I am. She invited us over to her house for a Saturday lunch and cooked a fantastic Vietnamese noodle and chicken salad and baked cassava pudding. Thanks, Ha, for your support to Delicious Vietnam #13 created by Anh of A Food Lover’s Journey and Hong & Kim of Ravenous Couple. I am proudly the host of the May 2011 issue (#13). Read more »